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Rayboun Winegardner Estate Planning Tallahassee Florida Asset Protection

Asset Protection

Ways to protect what you've earned.

Nobody intends to get sued. But with an estimated 40 million lawsuits filed every year in the US, we know it happens.

We are exposed to legal disputes in so many ways:  divorce, lease disputes, contract violations, business divorces, family divorces, medical mishaps, accidents, and harassment.  

Have you loaned money, cosigned a loan, or have rental property?  Are you planning a marriage, and do you have children from a previous relationship?  Maybe you want to start a business or maybe you stand to inherit another person's estate.  


Having assets can make you more vulnerable. Most of us will never see the level of wealth that would render a planning mistake meaningless.  Mistakes in planning (or no planning at all) can cost a lot of money that could be passed to our loved ones.  

We help our clients determine what kind of asset protection planning will work best under the circumstances. We look at things like insurance, prenuptial agreements, asset segregation, choice of jurisdiction, gifting, LLCs, partnerships, corporations, and asset protection trusts. Customized combinations are layered depending on the needs of the client and as appropriate.

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