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Jennifer Winegardner

Jennifer has been a criminal defense attorney, a civil litigator, appellate advocate, and a staff attorney at the Florida Supreme Court. She has worked at small firms and large, has represented indigents as well as multi-million dollar corporations.

After moving to Tallahassee in 1997, she joined one of Florida's oldest and most prestigious firms, leaving behind her criminal defense career to become a civil litigator.  For more than two decades, she's represented large and small business owners, property developers, and homeowners' associations.  

In 2000, Jennifer accepted an offer to serve as career staff attorney to Justice Peggy Quince at the Florida Supreme Court.  Since 2005 she's worked with developers, business owners, Realtors, and HOAs. 

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About Jennifer

I moved to Tallahassee in 1997 when my husband accepted a job at FSU. My first job interview was with Steve Turner, who hired me the next day. My first file involved a homeowner association dispute over a cell phone tower. I've worked with some of the most accomplished local attorneys both in litigation and transactional work. When I had the opportunity to clerk at the Florida Supreme Court, I learned what happens on the other side of the bench, how judges make decisions, and how courts operate. Not only did this make me a better appellate lawyer, but it made me a better trial attorney.  I've learned that keeping clients out of litigation is just as important as seeing a dispute through to trial. I became a Florida Supreme Court certified civil mediator, became certified by DBPR to provide new board member training, and now speak at meetings and events about the importance of business and estate planning. In recent years, I taught legal research and writing to first year law students at FSU College of Law.  Rayboun Winegardner was a natural step in my firm's growth.  By partnering up, Michael and I can share resources and offer our clients the benefit of our collective experience. 


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