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Estate Planning Client

"Estate planning - wills, power of attorney, health directives - is not something most people look forward to but is so necessary.  Through Jennifer Winegardner's knowledge, experience and counsel, this process was enlightening, informative, and forward planning.  From the first meeting and introduction she walked me through each step with patience and thoroughness, making sure I understood the entire process.  After expressing my wishes and ideas as to how I wanted my estate handled and her keen listening and question asking, we worked together to come up with a customized plan that will work well with everyone involved.  My goal was to put a plan together to make it as seamless as possible for my  survivors and beneficiaries.  Through this exercise and planning with Jennifer I feel confident that I accomplished my goal."

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Business Litigation Client

In most situations in which you’re seeking the services of an attorney, life has you in a bind. Finding a trustworthy and professional attorney is not easy, especially when you’re vulnerable. Hiring someone that isn’t qualified or doesn’t have the heart for it can land you in an even worse position than you’re in. I’ve experienced this. But I’m eternally grateful that I’ve also experienced the complete opposite with Jennifer Winegardner. 


Mrs. Winegardner is intelligent and savvy. She’s moral and honest. I never worried that my best interests weren’t her first priority in my 2.5 year long agonizing and intricate case. Jennifer clearly communicated with me every step of the way. She never made me feel like a burden. Her passion for her job and for justice is very obvious.  Jennifer has been a pleasure to have representing me. 


Though I’m more than relieved to have my case finally closed, I can truly say that I will miss working with Jennifer. How many people can say that about their hired attorney?

Property Litigation Client

"Unlike most attorneys I've worked with, their primary concern was doing what was best for my family rather than what was best for their pocketbooks."


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