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Operating you HOA during Covid-19 Emergency

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Community Association board members are under the same stay-at-home directives as everyone else. Board business can, however, continue. For homeowner associations, section 720.316, Florida Statutes, allows boards to conduct business remotely under declared emergency. Same for condominium associations. Section 718.1265, Florida Statutes.

Associations should stay in communication with members and give notice of its intentions whenever a meeting is changed or cancelled, or whenever emergency rules are adopted.

Technology can make virtual meetings easy, and much of that technology is free. Even open meeting requirements can be met when links are shared with members who can attend virtually as well. The bigger challenge may be getting staff and board members comfortable using it. Scheduling one or two login practice sessions can be helpful.

We are all trying to adapt to work-from-home and maintain as much of our daily work routines as possible. A board's ability to pivot can show leadership and give it the ability to continue to serve its members.

**UPDATE** Now that the state of emergency has been lifted, many associations are accommodating at least partial in-person meetings.

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